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Lost Ships Island

Storytelling match-3 adventure

The Story

The action of the game Lost Ships Island, the genre of "match-3", takes place on a mystical island.

This island is not on any map, and references to it came from the legends of ancient civilizations. The disappeared ships and planes appear on this island, but none of the survivors remembers how they got here. Any attempts to sail away are unsuccessful and even radio waves cannot leave this dead place. The island is surrounded by a veil of secrets and suspense, and the ruins of ancient civilizations coexist with abandoned modern buildings. What secrets does this strange island keep?

You were one of the survivors, and your tasks are very severe:

  1. Survive and regain memory;
  2. Solve the secrets of the island;
  3. Find a way to get out of the island.

However, this is not a paradise island, where there are many sandy beaches, plenty of food and hospitable locals.

From the first minutes, you find yourself in the thick of things: unseen monsters scurry around, anomal zones bring the death, and the aborigines do not have warm feelings for you.

The plot of the match 3 adventure game is developing in a cinematic style, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the interactive story of Lost Ships Island.


● Take part in incredible adventures, simultaneously solving numerous and unique match3 levels.

● Find yourself in one of the professions such as hunting, fishing, farming, construction, etc.

● Investigate out which monsters are hiding on the island and whether they can be defeated. Or maybe they can be tamed?

● Choose one of the parties to the conflict and influence the development of the story.

● Fight with the descendants of an ancient civilization or join them.

● Use unique abilities, if you can unlock them, in the main character.

● Build ingenious traps to fight wild animals and monsters.

● Find your love or sacrifice it!




Doug is the main guy of the Lost Ships Island - his name is Douglas. He lost the memory and don't know who am he is. 



Kara is our main girl of the Lost Ships Island. She is a doctor - a very rare and valuable skill at our game. 



He is "golden boy" - rich parents give him all and more. But how money can help him on the mystery island? 



The  force of the Lost Ships Island is Jannik. He is an old-school security guard.  



Hector — the mayor of the village on the Lost Ships Island.



Eli aka "The mechanic".